Kaspersky and Windows Defender Tops Antivirus

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Currently the development of technology is very fast, and cannot be denied that every technology vendor would want to power each other and make the results of his work to be the best among others. In addition to the device, even when the software is to be one Trending topic in the world of technology, among others, anti- virus software.

Anti- virus cannot be separated from the other hardware, because the anti- virus is also very important in their existence. Anti - virus software is no longer a catch-all solution to your security because of the new vector. However, it still makes sense to have anti-virus software which effectively installed on your system. Famous security testing lab puts 25 Av - Test consumer antivirus - solutions through the wringer to determine how well they perform in real-world scenarios in Windows 8.1.

All applications are assessed on three safety criteria - Protection, Performance, and Usability. The first criterion is an indication of the level of detection. Each security software is tested on a system with 20 646 known (malware that has been widespread and prevalent in the last four weeks) and 138 unknown samples. Performance is based on the average number of software security impact on the performance of the system, while usability is determined by the number of false positives.


The good news is that the majority of antivirus suites that do quite well, with only three tools end up with a lower detection rate of 94 % on unknown malware. The average detection rate for known malware was 98 %. The bad news is that Microsoft Windows Defender, which ships with Windows 8.1 performed abysmally. It was worse than a lot of scoring 0 points in protection. Two other poor players in heuristic tests are Ten cent PC Manager and AhnLab V3 Internet Security. Even popular freeware third-party products such as AVG and Avast performed relatively poorly. Panda Cloud Antivirus and Internet Security Qihoo 360 is a free antivirus software with the best performance

The top performer overall is Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, who obtained a perfect score of 18. Qihoo, McAfee, Bit Defender and Avira scored 17.5 points. A total of nine antimalware application gets a perfect score in the test detection. High score is no doubt influenced by Av - Test decision to use only broad and general malware to test samples are known, but also makes the detection rate is only 79 % of Windows Defender that looks even worse

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