Instagram 6.0 With The Additional Effect

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On this occasion, will be a little review about one of the most popular mobile photo app Instagram is. After a few moments ago, instagram gets pretty heavy competition from several vendors other photo applications such as camera 360 etc.

But this time Instagram has just launched his latest update is an Instagram 6.0. In this update, there are some exciting new features to note one of them is there are 9 new photos to the effects of the update. Due to the increasing number of competitors, it cannot be denied; each vendor must constantly improve and update each program in order to be different, and certainly better than other vendors.

And at this 6.0 Instagram, instagram adding the slider to help users control the intensity of the filter in a photograph. With so for those of you who like to edit the perfectionist then you do not necessarily need a third party application for editing photos. It is also said by CEO Kevin Systrom that "Now instead of using multiple apps to get the photo you want, you may use instagram alone."

After the update to Instagram 6.0, you will be able to adjust the filter by tapping on it. In addition you can also memoting and straighten pictures on Instagram, adjust the brightness on your photos, and also adjust the contrast of the photo you are editing.

In addition there are also some other new features that make photo editing is becoming more professional. Saturation like that can make your images sharper example; the color red will be red with Saturation. But unlike the camera 360 is a very striking difference in color, on instagram it look smoother and more appropriate contrast.

Because it already has more than 200 million users, instagram still want to be one of the best editor’s photo software photos among other vendors, and instagram 6.0 is now available at Play Store.

Instagram 6.0 With The Additional Effect 9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings. 9 user reviews.


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