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Microsoft has always wanted to be the best among the vendors it world. And this time Microsoft made ​​a pretty bold decision to sell their new console Xbox that one bundled with the new Kinect hardware. That is a pretty bold decision because they are Sony's rival motion sensing has been made ​​optional accessories with their own new console is the Play station 4. With it, the result is quite straightforward to sell for $ 100 more expensive at retail than the Play station 4.

Indirectly, related to the selling price of the Xbox one, Microsoft is taking a beating against Sony when it comes to sales in the last month. Because the second console launched although it has more exclusive games and content are quite different, Xbox One cannot beat the Play station 4.
But then comes the best exclusive games in anticipation for Xbox One, namely Titanfall . Although selling quite well as a game, but it may encourage sales of the Xbox One who makes the Xbox jelan be “winners”

Maybe it was a turning point for Microsoft officials to think of ways to juice sales units. Some cost-cutting announced in a blog directly Xbox Wire on May 13:
On June 9, the Kinect will be bundled with the Xbox One , and the selling price of the console - only SKU will be $ 399 ( the price of the package is $ 499 at launch , although there have been several promotions since then to make the effective price is lower) .

Also in June, the Xbox LIVE Gold membership will not be required in order to enjoy all the entertainment applications that are part of the Xbox platform. Until now, to use Netflix on the Xbox, you are not only paying for their service Netflix, you also have to pay an annual fee of $ 60 for Microsoft's “open " it and all the other entertainment and communications applications. The latter is no longer required to access services such as Netflix, Hulu , NFL and utilities such as Skype and One Drive.

Kinect hardware will be available as a standalone SKU in the spring in case someone wants to add it to the Xbox One after buying the console.
It looks like Microsoft has made ​​it a priority, as their situation in the Windows Phone and Windows tablets 8.x, to increase the installed base of devices before thinking about “the right thing " or " the best “. I somewhat understand the viewpoint. No more large tankers that take many years to change direction. They hear feedback, prioritize internally, and make the necessary changes

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