Fast ways to thank Google AdSense

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Fast ways to thank Google AdSense
Fast ways to thank Google AdSense - In this post will give you tips on ways to thank Google AdSense Easily and quickly intervening. before we find out first what is Google AdSense, Google AdSense is a globally successful internet rasaksa Because PPC website created by Google. Google AdSense can generate money for us who have a blog or website. Price per click Google AdSense different there are up to $ 1 per click or right if the rupiah Rp 10,000 and there are also cheap as the price per click PPC locally in Indonesia at Rp 300 to Rp 750. Okay immediately wrote to the topic of this post ...
  1. Make a blog to be Able to translate English Idioms English or not you use a dictionary (until dizzy inimah).
  2. Create a site must be aged 6 months when more is also good.
  3. Site navigation should be easy to complete or if there are visitors to explore your site.
  4. Age when registering must be 18 years old (parents can not it when still a child), or use the name of a parent who already have an ID card.
  5. I suggest do not use the default templates that blogger (maybe not useless to thank ane already tried)
  6. Keep praying and keep the spirit if not in tanks, try again after a long time certainly in thanks anyway :)
A few of my tips may be useful for you, Amen.

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